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The Live Scoring system works alongside the Official Scorer to provide real-time scores to on-site electronic scoreboards and via the web for anyone at the event or unable to attend on the day (e.g. Owners, parents, partners or staff back at the yard.)

Key features include:

  • Real time scores entered at Dressage, Show Jumping XC Control and XC Start/Finish. Our simple to use entry system allows quick and accurate entry of scores as they happen and avoids transcription errors and loss of information (e.g. Missing Dressage sheets).
  • Electronic scoreboards displaying results as they are entered, providing immediate and accurate information to competitors, owners and the public, with the option for scoreboards at multiple locations around the Event.
  • Web accessible scores through our mobile friendly website with the option to embed the live scores in your own web site. Scores are available anywhere with an Internet connection within seconds of being entered on-site and can be accessed on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Event Management features such as number collection indicator, prompts and printed receipts for start fees and and other payments due. Also the ability to flag competitors who have asked for (and paid for!) dressage sheets or rosettes to be forwarded. 
  • Opportunities for branding and sponsorship on both Electronic scoreboards and the web site.
  • Enhanced accuracy as the system monitors for unusual and incomplete scores and highlights these to the scorers for resolution.
  • Reduced administration as the system significantly decreases the amount of information flowing around an Event on paper or via radio.  

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